Cellar Noise is a prog rock band from Milan, Italy. Founded by Alessandro Palmisano (guitar) and Niccolò Gallani (keyboards) in 2013, this project comes as a mixture of classic prog rock music from the 70’s and modern influences (Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth) in search for a fresh proposal of original compositions. In the same year, Francesco Lovari joined the band as singer and writer of the lyirics completing the compositive nucleus. After a few changes regarding the band members, in 2015 Cellar Noise found their rhythm section: the Bersan brothers, Eric on drums and Loris on bass and classical guitar. Concert after concert the band consolidated its sound and began making its reputation, finally getting to the ears of Fabio Zuffanti, important figure of the italian prog rock scene, who offered to cohoperate (as artistic director) to make a full length album.

So in August 2016 the band started recording “Alight” at Zerodieci Studio in Genoa, Italy, with the supervision of Roberto Vigo, Luca Nasciuti and, of course, Fabio Zuffanti. After a week of hard work and confrontations with the challenges of recording, an album was born and was ready to be published. This task was managed by AMS Records, Italian prog-based label.

Alight received a great reception, both in Italy and in other countries (UK, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal) with positive reviews and the first radio interviews, confirming the quality of the album.

Right now the band is promoting its work, participating to concerts and festivals (Z-fest, Veruno 2days+1 Prog Festival) and, in the meantime, focusing on composing new music, with the will to explore new possibilities and to cross its limits.

The rest of the story has not been written yet…

Band Members


Francesco Lovari

Francesco Lovari was born in Milan, Italy in 1996. He started his musical journey studying drums with Alex Battini and then moving to singing, a passion he had since he was a kid.

He began writing lyrics after his encounter with the music of Cellar Noise, inspired by the images suggested by the flow of the songs. This direct contact between musical sensations and narrative storytelling is the core of Alight’s lyrics.

On the stage, together with Cellar Noise, he plays also some acoustic guitar parts and a few keyboards sections.

Alessandro Palmisano

Alessandro Palmisano was born in Milan in 1994. He started playing guitar when he was 11, and he studied electric guitar at AMM National School and at Donato Begotti’s RGA (Rock Guitar Academy) with Piero Marras as teacher.

After playing in a few previous bands, in 2013 he founded Cellar Noise willing to create and original project of progressive rock music. He recorded all the electric and acoustic guitar parts in Alight, Cellar Noise’s debut album.

Since 2015, he is also the band’s mixing engineer for all the demos and during the pre-production phase.

Alessandro has a degree in Mathematics and he’s currently continuing his studies specializing in Numerical Analysis at the University of Milan.

He’s passionate in music production and guitar equipment. He loves hi-tech and computers, American and British TV shows, videogames and he enjoys watching football games (he’s a diehard FC Inter Milan supporter).

Niccolò Davide Gallani

Niccolò Davide Gallani was born in Milan on 28th August 1989. Although nobody in his family has ever been directly involved in musical stuff, his parents are passionate listeners and since his birth Nick has been literally surrounded by music of all genres. As a teenager, he became more and more interested in layered and complex composition styles, such as classical music, progressive rock and independent rock/pop music. While in high school, he took part in various bands and projects, mainly as a drummer and a bass player – though his keen interest in symphonic composition always kept him curious about all instruments. As he started studying electronics at university, Nick fell in love with the technical part of the creative process in music, like the functioning of synthesizers, amplifiers and sound design in general. Driven by his curiosity, he followed for a few years the Genesis tribute band “Get Em Out!”, offering them support in sound engineering; meanwhile he started acting in a theater company, where he was also in charge of the set and soundtrack design. In 2014, after his degree in electronic engineering, he chose to leave behind both experiences to focus on his growing passion for keyboards; meanwhile, he started a deep revision of the music composed throughout his studies. Around this year the “Cellar Noise” project starts taking form and soon Nick becomes the keyboardist of the band and the main author of the music on their first album Alight, finally fulfilling his goal to write and play progressive music.

Nick lives near Milan and works as an electronic designer. Beside music and hi-tech he loves videogames, RPGs, table games, Italian trash comedies, rare horror B-movies and thrilling books. You can often see him riding his bike through the countryside near Milan with his earphones on, probably listening some Beethoven or Meshuggah stuff…

Loris Bersan

Loris Bersan was born in Milan, Italy, in 1996. He began to study acoustic guitar at the age of 8, improving his fingerstyle tecnique until he was accepted at the prestigious conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan, where he graduated in classical guitar in 2017.

His love for rock and pop music in general, specially for progressive rock, lead him to study electric bass by self-thaught with very good results. He started playing this instrument in full rock band since the age of 13.

In 2016 he joined the prog rock band Cellar Noise, with whom he recorded their first album, “Alight”.

He is improving even now his musical taste and tecnique, helped by his companion and by the incessant listening to various musical genres, from classical to electronic music.

Eric Bersan

Eric Bersan was born in 1998 in Milan, Italy. Since he was 8 he started to play drums, under the guidance of Bruno Fraimini, a jazz band teacher. He also studied piano in a music school. At only 14 he took part in international percussion competition in Fermo, coming 4th in his category.

He had a lot of live experiences with different bands and on different stages, like Alcatraz in Milan. In 2012 he studied in Amm national school, with Franco Rossi as teacher. He participated in masterclasses of famous musicians and drummers like Dave Weckl and Gavin Harrison.

In 2014 he joined the Cellar Noise band and in 2017 they published their first album, Alight. He’s still studying with the session musician Paolo Bianchi to refine his technique.